The Client will receive a free quote for his translation request. The quote will be provided by the Translator and it will be issued on the basis of his previous evaluation of the documents to be
translated. The Client shall provide the Translator with all the texts to be translated in addition to all the technical information and if necessary the specific terminology required to understand the text. The quote will quantify the service and will include:
• The number of conventional pages to be translated, calculated on the basis of the total number of characters contained in the text (one page …. characters);
• The language pair;
• The detailed description of the way in which the translation was priced. The bill will be issued on the basis of the quote presented to the Client by the Translator [based on the counting of the characters contained in the computer’s final Microsoft Word document, under FILE, PROPERTIES, STATISTICS];
• The date of delivery of the translation;
• The format in which the document will be handled in the case of a specific layout request.
• Any special rates applied for supplementary services previously requested by the Client, such as urgency, specific research or any other service that goes beyond translation services in itself.