To confirm the order the Client must return the quote with his written approval, signature and Company Stamp, by courier, mail or facsimile if the quote was received in such ways. If the quote was received by e-mail, the Client may confirm the order stating his acceptance by return e-mail. If the Translator does not receive the order confirmation.

CONTRACT LETTER* (to fill in for quote acceptance):

The present contract is intended between the Client
(Client name) ____________________________________________ with its legal premises located in
(Client address) ____________________________________ ______________ ___________________
VAT N. __________________________________________________________
and the Translator _______________________________________
VAT N. ___________________________________________________________
Who is accepting the Client order to translate the following texts:
(insert here the name of the project) ______________________________________________.
*The Translator has the right to see and evaluate the texts to be translated before hand, and to obtain any documentation or specific terminology on the subject from the Client.
• The translation should be delivered to the Client not later than the date of ____/____/____.
• The translation should be done in Word for Windows and delivered by e-mail (unless differently agreed).
• The Translator is bound by confidentiality, with regard to both the present contract and all information and content of the text, object of the translation.
• The agreed fee for the service is of € ___.___.___ ( ____________________ euro) per page of …. characters. The above mentioned amount is intended net of any taxation due by law.
– The payment will be done immediately at the translation delivery. [  ]
– The payment will be done not later than 30 days after the date of the bill.  [  ]

• The delivery of all material (if agreed by courier or postal services) is intended at the complete charge of the Client.

• For any other matter raised and not included in the present contract, we refer to the General Terms of Sales by the “Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti” and the Italian Civil Code, art. n. 2222 ss.

________________________, date ____/____/____. Client Signature

________________________, date ____/____/____.  Translator Signature

For reference see the AITI web site